- The auctioneer reserves the right of admission to the auction

- Bidders must register on-line at least 24 hours before the auction.

- Registration is subject to approval of the auctioneer.

- Euro is the currency of payment


- The purchaser shall be the highest bidder in excess of the set reserve

- On the fall of the hammer the purchaser has entered an unconditional contract to purchase the item. The decision of the auctioneer is final and binding

- Any item offered for sale is subject to the reserve price set by the seller

- If there is a dispute, the auctioneer can decide to determine the dispute, withdraw the lot or auction the item again

- Euro is the currency of bidding

- Every bidder shall be deemed to act as a principal

- The following payment methods are acceptable - personal cheque (requires clearance), cash payment up to €10000 (subject to money laundering regulations), certain credit card or debit cards, bank draft or telegraphic transfer

- Payment must be made within five working days thereafter (working day is defined as any day Monday to Friday that is not a public Holiday).

- The item shall be at the purchaser’s risk following payment and for the avoidance of doubt the purchaser waives the right to any remedy from the auctioneer in this regard

- Cleared payment must be made before any items are removed from the auction site

- A pass for removal of good must be supplied from office before any goods are removed from auction site and provision of photo ID and proof of address will be required

- All paid for items must be removed from the auction site within seven working days of the auction date

- No changes to the purchaser’s details are allowed after the auction and the invoice will reflect registration information supplied

- All domestic buyers (Republic of Ireland) will be subject to VAT at the standard rate

- The risk shall pass to the purchaser on the fall of the hammer but must be paid for before ownership passes


The purchaser shall pay the following commission:


  • Under €2,000, 15%
  • Over €2,000, 5%


- Commission and fees are subject to VAT at the standard rate



- The goods may be viewed at the auction by prior appointment with the auctioneer.


- Purchasers outside of the Republic of Ireland may have their purchases zero-rated for VAT if they supply a verified VAT number and the goods are transported outside the Republic of Ireland (evidence of this transport must be supplied) together with sight of appropriate VAT registration certificate. Photo ID of the purchaser or the agent of the purchaser and signing of Revenue Export declaration is also required on collection of the goods


- The purchaser is responsible for the insurance of any of their goods which stand on the auction site


- The auctioneer is not responsible for any mistakes or inaccuracies in descriptions provided in the catalogue (including distance or hour readings) and no warranty or guarantee, express or implied, is given in this regard

- Descriptions are for identification only and the purchaser is deemed to be satisfied with the lot before purchase

- No representation is made as to the past use of any item

- Purchasers should satisfy themselves on the condition of any lot and not rely on any description provided. The responsibility for assessing condition of any item lies with the bidder.

- Any express or implied condition due to provisions of any statute or common law as to suitability, fitness for purchase or merchantable quality of any item is expressly excluded

- All items are sold without CE marking unless specifically noted by the seller

- Purchasers explicitly acknowledge that no warranty is expressed or implied for any item and no representation had been made or relied upon for any item

- The auctioneers are not responsible for any frost damage to any item at any time when at the auction site

- The auctioneer is not responsible for the provision of registration documents for any item save for those noted as having same

- The auctioneer is not responsible for the non-inclusion or withdrawal of any lot at any time before the auction including any claim for expenses related to said withdrawal

- It is an assumed term between purchaser and seller that any vehicle sold at auction, that can be used on a public road, will be checked by the purchaser for full conformity with all requirements of the Road Traffic Act and any required work or remedy performed before any usage of the vehicle on a public road

- Certain items sold may require CE-Marking as per the European Union Machinery Directive. Items without CE-Marking are offered on the basis that the purchaser, at their own cost, will take all necessary steps to ensure that all relevant items are CE-Marked before use in the EU as per the noted directive

  1. HEALTH etc

- All attendees at the auction site agree to abide by all relevant health and safety legislation and take all practical steps to remain safe while at the auction site

- No unsupervised loading or unloading of items is allowed

- Children must be supervised at all times.

- Pets are not allowed on the auction site

- The purchaser undertakes to take all reasonable steps, to comply with applicable health and safety and other relevant regulations so as to ensure that the items purchased are safe for loading and use

- All persons attending the auction site do so at their own risk and will have no cause of action against the auctioneer for any injury or accident which may occur from any cause whatsoever


- Amendments to this contract may only be made and agreed in writing and this contract constitutes the full and entire agreement between the parties


The governing law and jurisdiction for any contract between seller, buyer, purchaser and auctioneer (or any two of them) shall be that of the Republic of Ireland